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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Posted on Friday, November 10, 2023


Our most important value is excellence, the aspiration to do things that are outstanding. For this we believe in understanding our work deeply, finding innovative solutions, iterating till we find the perfect balance and delight, and rigorous training for all our team members. For us growth is an outcome of excellence, not the other way around.


We believe that human beings have infinite potential, free will and aspirations of their own, and are happiest when they are in harmony with their surroundings. The organization must be seen as a collective of people rather than a “machine” that is run to create customer value or profits. As long as each person's liberty does not infringe upon others' liberty and leads to harm, they should be allowed to express their choices in a non-judgemental manner. We believe that the quest for excellence along with liberty to choose one's path will lead us to great outcomes.


Most of our source code is free for anyone to use, study, modify and redistribute, and our flagship product, ERPNext comes in just one free version. For our customers, our pricing and services are transparent on the website. Transparency leads to accountability and accountability leads to honesty, and is also the foundation of any democractic system.


We believe that each one of us has equal rights and our form of governance is like that of a democracy. Every person in the team has access to all company level information, and an equal voice and vote in all decision making. Democracy does not mean that everyone is equal, but has equal rights. It makes sure that ideas from all sides of the team are given voice and the best idea wins.

First Principles

Just because there is a popular way to do things, we believe it is not always the best. Since our earliest days, we have written our own web framework, with distinct concepts that make us highly productive. We believe that this is our superpower.


We believe that we can accomplish more as a team than individuals. Great talent can create sparks of sustained brilliance, but it is never complete. Teamwork means understanding the people you interact with to achieve the team goal, spending time with them and learning to take subtle hints and clues from them, and ensuring you share the same culture.

Long Term over Short Term

We want our products and services to be used and appreciated for a very long time. This means sacrificing some short term gains and waiting for the longer returns. We prioritize process over outcome and systems over targets. Thinking long term also leads us to asset creation along with delivery.

Social Impact

We must actively consider the societal impact of our action not only benefits to customers, team or shareholders. We must use our work to change how people think about managing software through open source / free software etc. Helping to solve big problems in productivity, minimalism, aesthetics, freedom along with our other goals.

Environment Consciousness

We acknowledge that the planet is in a dangerous situation due to climate crisis, pollution and waste and we make sure that we will not add to any form of waste. This means optimizing on travel, packaging, consumerism, choosing options that minimize our carbon footprint and investing to ensure that we measure and have a zero carbon footprint.