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Posted on Saturday, December 9, 2023
We created the CalcTree Bounty Program, to enable you to build calculation templates to be seen and used by engineering teams worldwide.

Why should I get involved?

Build your brand
Showcase your expertise
Grow your community
Share valuable calculations with others
Earn extra income
Get paid to build useful content

What calculations are needed?

View the Bounty Database to see what calculations are needed under 'Accepting Submissions'. This list is regularly updated, so if no bounties match your expertise, be sure to come back and check again soon! Alternately, we'd love to hear your own ideas, so if there are ant calculations or tools we haven't listed, but you think would be of value to others, please apply with your suggestions

How should calculations be built?

Calculations must be built on the CalcTree platform, where you can create templates powered by Spreadsheets, Python, or using CalcTree's native parameters. Templates should include functioning calculators, charts, explanatory text, images and equations. Get inspiration from reviewing existing public templates.
And if you haven't yet, be sure to sign up to CalcTree to understand the possibilities!

What is provided?

  1. 💰 Bounties - Get paid to build and promote your creations
  1. 🌏 Community - Connect with other innovative creators
  1. 📣 Promotion - Build your brand with the support of CalcTree

What are the steps?

1/ Fill the form
Submit what you'd like to build below
2/ Discuss & agree
Chat with the CalcTree team about your plans
3/ Build & launch
Once accepted, it's time to start building!

Want to chat to us before submitting your interest? Sure, reach out to us via our community Slack channel.


What is the payment criteria?

You have:
  1. A quality calculation template built on CalcTree
  2. The right set of skills, expertise, qualifications and passion to build this calculation
  3. The ambition to support your calculation for the long haul. Such as updating and continuously improving it. Potentially earning revenue from it down the track.
  4. Ownership or the right to use any calculation you create in a commercial capacity.

Can I get payment for something I’ve already built?

How many calculations can I build?

Who owns the IP?

In exchange for payment, CalcTree owns the resource and IP to ensure it's available for long-term use. The creator is credited as a collaborator and has the right to share, promote and update the resource (alternatively, you can publish a resource without payment, in which case you would own the IP). Anything built on CalcTree is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

How much can I get paid per bounty?

When can I expect to hear back on a calculation I proposed?

When will I get paid?

What if I have a question that isn’t covered here?