Product Manger



Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Posted on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Product Manager Role at Chippit,

• We aren’t just defined by our roles – it’s our passion, our revolutionary ideas, and our mission-driven mindset that truly represent us. Here’s where your journey with us begins…

• Assist in implementing Chippit’s vision and lead projects tailored to our user community. Facilitate our growth into new social sectors, enhancing Chippit’s community capabilities.

• Collaborate cross-functionally with Finance, Customer Service, Design, Analytics, and engineering teams to expand our footprint and serve our community better.

• Ensure compliance with financial and regulatory standards while working with both internal and external stakeholders.

• Fully understand the user experience within our platform, harness data, and devise tests to prove the efficacy and sustainability of our product offerings.

• Coordinate with a dedicated team of engineers and designers to offer intuitive social payment experiences.

• Handle operational challenges that might compromise the Chippit experience or its values.

Who are you?

Aligned with our vision, you are someone passionate about creating financial flexibility and promoting responsible spending. Working within our dynamic and mission-driven environment, you’ll need enthusiasm, resilience, and adaptability. A respectful approach, continuous learning, and the knack to cultivate valuable relationships are imperative.

We’re scouting for a high motivated professional who embodies:

• Passion for global initiatives, especially those that bring communities closer and foster financial well-being.

• Operational insights into credit systems, with a focus on sustainable and responsible access to credit. Some experience in Product Management, ideally within the fintech or payment sectors.

• A strategic and analytical mindset, capable of thriving amidst inspiring and groundbreaking thinkers.

• An open, transparent, and accessible personality with a gift for nurturing relationships.

• Skills and Attributes Ability to drive Chippit’s initiatives independently.

• Aptitude for multitasking in an agile environment, and can gracefully transition between tasks.

• Strong problem-solving abilities, with an emphasis on sustainable solutions. Self-starting, disciplined, polished, and well-organized.

• Excellent communication skills with a touch that radiates trust and understanding. Retain optimism and remain level-headed during intense scenarios.

• A collaborative spirit with a strong emphasis on community and shared goals.

With Chippit, you’ll be part of a collaborative ecosystem that genuinely values the environment and financial well-being. Enjoy our innovative workspace, imbued with flexibility, and stay in sync with our remarkable team.

Our commitment goes beyond business; we champion financial resilience, responsible consumerism aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the finance/payment sector.

How to Apply:

The future is an exciting enigma. With Chippit, we collaboratively pave our path forward. If you resonate with our mission and vision, tap into the opportunity and apply now!