Bali, Indonesia
Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2024

About Cove: Cove is the new way to rent your home! Aligned with our mission, we’re a co-living start-up making it easier and more affordable for young people to rent in flatshares in which they can call it home. We provide our tenants with stylishly furnished properties, in the most awesome locations in Singapore and Indonesia. We make the whole rental process seamless from end to end. Two of the many perks you get at Cove is that our contract terms are flexible like our tenant’s lives and our rental prices include everything from utilities and wifi and weekly cleaning. The most exciting part is our tenants get matched with great flatmates and also have access to our community events around the city. Check us out for more detailed information at

At Cove we go beyond to satisfy our customers where we also make efforts to have interactions with them in order to create millions of better homes. To achieve this, we are committed to always try to find new ways to improve our customer service as well as placing ourselves in their shoes to improve their experience with Cove. We encourage every individual to proactively suggest creative ways to find solutions when faced with problems and engage with other team members to influence each other to make things happen.

Job Title: Technician

Job Type: Full Time

Reports To: Property/Engineering Manager

Main Responsibilities:

  • Handling operations and maintenance issues, troubleshooting, and problem solving as required.
  • Handle and conduct repairs and maintenance works (Mechanical, electrical/electronics, plumbing, civil, etc). Fast response to major damage conditions in the property Coves.
  • Perform energy efficiency measures such as reducing electricity, water, and other uses that are not necessary.
  • Maintain company inventory and landlords building equipment through a complete preventive maintenance program. And ensure all equipment is in good operating condition.
  • Supervise vendor for maintenance and repair work that cannot be handled in-house.
  • Any other work related to facilities management

Experience and Qualifications Required:

  • Highschool diploma
  • Experienced in similar role
  • Able to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Able to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment