Senior Manager - Operations Excellence



Indonesia · Vietnam · Thailand · India · Philippines · Washington, DC, USA
Posted on Tuesday, January 2, 2024
What you'll focus on
As part of our corporate structure, SM Operations Excellence is involved in multiple country operations across SEA. Providing insights and feedback across our network this role is important to share knowledge and address topics with multiple stakeholders. Auditing our process structure and improving on yesterday is one of the core strengths of this role.


  • Improve efficiency by creating clear, consistent, and predictable procedures for warehouse operations.
  • Review and update existing operating procedures as needed.
  • Document new procedures into a central operating plan.
  • Organize operating plans into a central database system.
  • Implement programs to continuously improve the warehouse network (e.g., use Six Sigma, and onsite observation methods) to enhance client value and increase partner profitability.


  • Participate and Implement in our system improvement & development (e.g., service design documents, artificial intelligence job optimization) by leading implementation, coordinating testing, gathering data for feasibility studies, and documenting processes with our internal departments.
  • Develop a comprehensive improvement plan to continually enhance Locad’s service offerings, performance, and quality. Plan and work with our service partners to implement changes.


  • Implement auditing systems and lead the development and execution of audit frameworks. This ensures fulfilment partners adhere to and comply with processes.
  • Conduct operational audits such as post-implementation reviews, on-site observations, etc.
  • Assist customer service and compliance teams with responding to external audits (e.g., ISO audits).

Training and Knowledge Transfer

  • Collaborate with the implementation team to coach, train, and mentor internal stakeholders and fulfilment partners on continuous improvement techniques and skills. This includes training on new processes (e.g., warehouse management system optimization, and new marketplace requirements).
  • Maintain a central repository or knowledge base for troubleshooting warehouse issues.
  • Build and develop teams focused on continuous improvement and process excellence.
  • Project Management
  • Participate in operational projects aimed at increasing efficiency and/or productivity.
  • Act as a liaison between warehouse operations and project teams to ensure clear communication.
What you bring
  • At least 5 years of experience improving processes in mid to large-size warehouse operations.
  • You're a problem-solver who can think logically and technically to find solutions for both fundamental process and operational challenges.
  • You can handle a fast-paced and changing work environment and agree that on-site work is essential.
  • You have experience with Lean Management (Six Sigma) or have proven change- and improvement projects to contribute to Locad’s growth.
  • You have excellent communication skills (English).
  • We prefer candidates with a degree in industrial engineering, but it's not required.
What you'll get
You’ll become part of a diverse team that's globally distributed. We are a business that's been built in the post-pandemic era, with each employee being given the flexibility to create and build in their space.

We are meritocratic and believe in the potential of our employees, we look to go further each time and develop as a team.

In addition to an exceptional culture, fostered by 3 great founders you’ll also get the following:
  • Annual Bonus
  • 25 days leave
  • Health Insurance
  • Macbook
  • Annual Learning & Development support
Please limit to one application
We believe diversity and representation are key to creating not only a great product but also an amazing customer and employee experience. Fostering this starts with hiring -- therefore we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or any other aspect that makes you, you.
About us

Locad is the logistics engine for e-commerce brands to automatically store, pack, ship, and track orders across Asia-Pacific.

Our tech platform syncs inventory across online channels and organizes end-to-end order fulfillment through our reliable network of warehouses and shipping partners across Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Australia, with more locations opening soon.

Hundreds of brands now have access to the Locad logistics engine, allowing faster shipping, reduced costs, and exponential growth. Equipped with the technology, infrastructure, and partners running on one integrated system, Locad is on a mission to propel every business forward.

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