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Marketing & Communications
Posted on Friday, April 19, 2024

About the Company

ORA is a house of consumer healthcare brands aiming to build a core shared technology and services layer. The core thesis here is that demographic-focused digital clinics can leverage a shared technology and services platform to provide a differentiated and comprehensive care experience for patients seeking care for a wide variety of conditions.

This business model has a number of advantages:

  • ORA can create demographic-focused digital clinics that tailor conditions, services, and communications to the needs of specific groups.
  • Shared core technology allows us to build features and integrations that benefit users across the whole portfolio.
  • A house of brands allows more flexible capital allocation than individual brands. Meaning that while we are on the VC-backed growth rollercoaster, we have more optionality to allow individual brands to grow at the rate that is sustainable.

ORA has built 3 brands across 3 markets in less than 2 years and we’re ready to accelerate our growth. What has traditionally been a continuous improvement stream instead of BAU now needs to be developed into something more scalable, more sustainable and more structured.

Being practically unconstrained in the opportunities we can go after is core to ORA’ nature. While this is a great position to be in when everything is possible, prioritisation can become extremely challenging. Time is our most scarce resource and optionality is our biggest distraction. We need a sophisticated mechanism for identifying and evaluating new opportunities and then ruthlessly prioritizing them for execution.

About the Role

We are looking for a Head of SEO to lead our Search Engine Optimization efforts. As the Head of SEO, you will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive strategy to improve our organic search rankings, drive traffic to our website, and increase our online visibility. You will work closely with cross-functional teams including Marketing, Content and Product to ensure alignment with business objectives and optimize our digital presence.

About you:

  • A SEO Leader. You possess a minimum of 6+ years of hands-on experience with a proven track record of driving SEO initiatives within high-growth companies. You have an in-depth knowledge of SEO best practice with excellent analytical skills and the ability to interpret data, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions. You understand that achieving desired outcomes requires a combination of strategic thinking, prioritization, and alignmenunt across teams.
  • A People Leader. You’ve spent 3+ years managing or mentoring people of all levels and understand how to coach, and mentor people directly and indirectly. You are passionate and truly understand people, their motivations and how to make them succeed.
  • An expert in building teams, systems for autonomous, empowered teams. You know it’s easier to tell people what to do, but more impactful for the business as we scale to foster deep understanding of our product vision and strategy. You know that a company’s strategy cannot be executed without a strong team behind it. You love building systems, processes where it makes sense and culture that helps people do their best work (and hence, make the company succeed).
  • Excellent collaborator and communicator. you possess unparalleled communication skills tailored specifically for the intricacies of SEO. You excel at articulating complex SEO concepts in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that diverse audiences, from technical teams to marketing executives, grasp the significance of SEO initiatives.
  • Strong commercial and analytical lens. You have a keen understanding of how SEO contributes to the overall success of a business and can effectively leverage both qualitative and quantitative data to inform decision-making.
  • A bias for action. You quickly turn discussions into action to move the work forward. You are proactive and able to quickly synthesise data and insights to make sound product decisions.

Bonus points for:

  • Scaleup experience. You’ve been part of companies that grew from 50 → 1000 headcount before.
  • B2C experience.

Values we want to see

  • Curiosity: a growth mindset, a hunger to learn and expand horizons, a genuine interest in the world. The patience and perseverance to get it right, and the empathy for “Company” to find the right solutions.
  • Capability: top of their game, unique and rare talent with the potential to build a once in a generation company with us.
  • Humility: complete lack of arrogance and skilled at holding themselves accountable with owner mindset. High levels of self-awareness, always wanting to improve, most comfortable in a feedback culture. A true mix of ambition and compassion.
  • Execution experience: a focus on disciplined execution. Not just a dreamer, not starting things but never ending them, but rather someone who knows how to get a job done.
  • Owner mindset: they work with an ownership mindset and proactivity. It’s the Batman litmus test: are they happy to be whatever Gotham needs them to be?