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Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Engineering Lead

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In 2021, the world consumed 583,300,000,000 plastic bottles. That is 1 MILLION plastic bottles every minute (yes, you are reading it right ).
We believe that we all should adapt our way of consumption. But we believe just as much, if not more, that it is an unbendable destiny that we must and will fundamentally change the way we produce.
With the early heavy lifting done, and the most crucial resources gathered, we can’t wait to embark on and kick off together this journey, a journey that will only be terrifying, thrilling, and rewarding. Now, we are looking out for the first founding stars of the tribe. Take the red pill , and welcome to the adventure! → skip directly to Open Roles to apply! OR → you can learn more tocco here too:


Location: Paris, France / Remote Ideally (CET timezone + - 6h)
Job Type: FTE
Commitment: 100% (full-time)
Keywords: #startup #climate #keyhire
Stage: seed; be part of making it happen
Founders: veterans seasoned w. unicorns

what is the job about

Tocco is a startup founded in 2022 that develops an innovative B2B sustainable sourcing platform in the field of ClimateTech/SaaS/Marketplace. Over the past few months, we've been up to our elbows at work in pursuit of this mission. We’ve recently launched the first public beta version of our alternative materials database
At tocco, we're on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable business practices. We are at the forefront of connecting businesses with innovative, eco-friendly materials and suppliers. As we embark on this journey, we're looking for a founding engineer who is passionate about making a real-world impact on climate and sustainability through cutting-edge technology.
This position is a unique opportunity to get hands-on and contribute to the very early stage of product building while gaining a front-row seat and a bird’s-eye view of how early-stage startup works. It comes with the extra satisfaction of shaping the first version of the product that we aspire to have the potential of becoming a reference in the industry.

your responsibilities

As a founding engineer, you will be responsible for designing and building the core technology that powers our product. You will work closely with the founding team to understand the developer's needs and build a technical roadmap that aligns with our goals.
Product Development: Lead the development of our user interface, creating an intuitive and valuable experience for our business clients. Your work will directly influence how companies engage with sustainable materials and practices.
Technical Leadership: Make critical technical decisions and contribute to the strategic direction of the company. Your expertise will be pivotal in developing a robust, scalable platform.
Full-Stack Development: Take charge of full-stack development, ensuring a seamless, end-to-end solution that meets our high standards of quality and performance.
Team Management: Manage and mentor a growing team of developers. Your guidance will help them advance their technical skills and contribute effectively to our project sprints.
Innovation: Work with climate-related datasets, carbon computing models, and data-processing algorithms. You'll have the freedom to propose and select cutting-edge tools and technologies that push the boundaries of what's possible.

⭐️ what we offer:

A pivotal role in a fast-growing startup with a vision to make significant environmental impact.
Opportunity to work with a passionate team of leaders and innovators in the sustainability space.
A culture that values creativity, innovation, and ownership.
Competitive salary, equity options, and comprehensive benefits.
Flexibility in work location and hours.

you’re a fit if you

You might just be the perfect match if…
6+ years of experience in software engineering, with a proven track record of leading product development in an early-stage venture.
Strong product mindset, with experience in agile development methodologies and user-centered design principles.
Deep technical expertise, preferably with experience in AI, data analytics, and scalable platform architecture.
Your technical toolkit includes proficiency in JavaScript, experience with the PERN stack (PostgreSQL, Express.js, React, Node.js), or similar component-based and reactive frameworks, along with a deep understanding of their mechanics.
Excellent leadership and communication skills, capable of inspiring a team and collaborating across the team.
While being in Paris (or willingness to relocate) is a bonus, we're dedicated to fostering a remote-first culture. Just be prepared for some carbon-conscious travel to join our regular, in-person team meetups! ​

technical environment

Our platform is built from the ground up to rethink the B2B user experience and focus on what matters: accelerating the discovery of these new materials. We have hooked large language models as part of our operating procedure.
The customer-facing web app is built in TypeScript using React (NextJS) and Express backend. Our internal data/AI pipeline is built using Python. We store our data inside PostgreSQL and our warehouse in BigQuery.
We strive for a lean mindset, so we favor buying over building for non-core parts of our product. Our infrastructure is thus built on many PaaS and SaaS solutions (e.g., Supabase, Retool).

the ball is in your court now!

Reach out to us at the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We move fast.
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