Founder Associate (Strategy & Operations)



Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Founder Associate (Strategy & Operations)

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In 2021, the world consumed 583,300,000,000 plastic bottles. That is 1 MILLION plastic bottles every minute (yes, you are reading it right 🤯).
We believe that we all should adapt our way of consumption. But we believe just as much, if not more, that it is an unbendable destiny that we must and will fundamentally change the way we produce.
With the early heavy lifting done, and the most crucial resources gathered, we can’t wait to embark on and kick off together this journey, a journey that will only be terrifying, thrilling, and rewarding. Now, we are looking out for the first founding stars of the tribe. Take the red pill 💊, and welcome to the adventure! → skip directly to Open Roles to apply! OR → you can learn more tocco here too:


📍 Location: Paris, France
Job Type: Internship / Alternance
Stage: seed; be part of making it happen
🔖 Keywords: #startup #climate #keyhire
🦄 Founders: veterans seasoned w. unicorns
Commitment: 100%

🤯what is the job about

We have created this Founders Associate role specifically for recent graduates or students pursuing their master’s degree looking for an alternance opportunity to work alongside the founders on a wide-ranging of subjects, with a focus on content business development and operations.
Scope of work
CEO’s right arm in business and operations.
Ops Lead in internal process, collaboration efficiency and SalesOps.
Organise community-based events and webinars.
Business development in suppliers acquisition and buyers acquisition.
Account management (partial) in support of our Sales team.
This is a unique chance to gain hands-on experience and contribute to the early stages of startup building while getting a bird's-eye view of how a startup functions. More importantly, this role will accelerate your learning by giving you unparalleled access to the founders' insights.
This position is also built to help you evolve and grow with the company. By working on a multitude of aspects in the startup operations (strategy, fundraising, product, marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR, legal, etc.), we think it’s a fantastic opportunity to quickly gain a panoramic view of how a company’s various functions work, fulfill your curiosity and help you evolve your career aspirations.
Last and definitely not least, we expect the joiner will grow with the role to eventually become one of tocco’s future leaders.

🧑‍🎨what you bring along

You are about to graduate, just did or currently pursuing a master’s degree, and are looking for fast-growing learning opportunities, both business development and operations focused.
You are open to working full-time for more than 12 months.
Full fluency in English (French / ASIAN languages are a significant plus; other languages are also welcome)
Excellent organizational and project management skills, with the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively
A genuine passion for sustainability and climate action (a specialization in the domain is a plus). Knowledge about the materials & decarbonization subject is a big plus.
You have worked in a startup / lean environment before, and you take initiatives and thrive under less structured organisations
A preference for action over antagonization, and a belief in the power of human ingenuity to tackle challenges.
You enjoy learning about new topics, absorb information like a sponge, and are able to condense your learnings swiftly.
You have high standards in thinking and communicating clearly. You display and expect clarity in ideas, plans and actions.

🏸 the ball is in your court now!

Reach out to us at the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We move fast. 🏎️
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