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Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Founding Sales

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In 2021, the world consumed 583,300,000,000 plastic bottles. That is 1 MILLION plastic bottles every minute (yes, you are reading it right 🤯).
We believe that we all should adapt our way of consumption. But we believe just as much, if not more, that it is an unbendable destiny that we must and will fundamentally change the way we produce.
With the early heavy lifting done, and the most crucial resources gathered, we can’t wait to embark on and kick off together this journey, a journey that will only be terrifying, thrilling, and rewarding. Now, we are looking out for the first founding stars of the tribe. Take the red pill 💊, and welcome to the adventure! → skip directly to Open Roles to apply! OR → you can learn more tocco here too:


📍 Location: Paris, France (+ remote) Ideally (CET timezone + - 6h)
Job Type: Internship / Alternance
Stage: seed; be part of making it happen
🔖 Keywords: #startup #climate #keyhire
🦄 Founders: veterans seasoned w. unicorns
Commitment: 80% - 100%

🤯what is the job about

We are seeking a dynamic and driven Founding Sales Specialist to join our pioneering team. This role is more than just a sales position; it's a unique gateway into the heart of a startup’s growth engine, offering hands-on experience and a front-row seat to the art of building a company from the ground up. As a Founding Sales Specialist, you'll not only be our front-line in the market but also a key player in shaping our sales strategy and company culture.
Here's what makes this position exceptional:
Unparalleled Learning Opportunity: You will work on the client acquisition and conversion of both materials innovators and demand-side users as tocco is a B2B platform. You will learn to build a relationship with both sides of the market and create value for them via the connection.
Multi-Dimensional Exposure: While your primary focus is on sales, this role doesn't stop there. You'll have the chance to touch upon multiple aspects of our operations including strategy, product development, marketing, and more. This holistic exposure is designed to satisfy your curiosity, enhance your skill set, and help crystalize your career aspirations.
Growth and Leadership: We're not just looking for an employee; we're looking for a future leader. This role is crafted to allow you to grow with the company. As you contribute to our sales achievements and learn the ins and outs of our business, we envision you stepping into more significant leadership roles, driving not just sales but shaping the future of our company.
Be a part of our story, our growth, and our success. Together, we'll not only meet our sales targets but also build a company culture and strategy that's resilient, innovative, and trailblazing.

🧑‍🎨what you bring along

You boast excellent fluency in English (French would be a fantastic bonus, and we welcome additional languages, too!)
You have a strong background in Sales, business development and managing client relationship, and you don’t easily take “no” as an answer.
You're comfortable leveraging networks to prospect and connect, and preferable has experience using Hubspot, Lemlist, Intercom in your previous work.
You have a knack for staying updated on the latest news on materials innovation and major players of the domain.
You thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic startup environment and can easily adapt to changing priorities, while maintaining a keen focus on details and quality.
You're an exceptional team player who values collaboration and open communication, actively contributing ideas and feedback in a constructive manner.
You have a growth mindset and are eager to learn, experiment, and refine your design skills, while also actively seeking and incorporating feedback from the team.
You like to get sh*t done, and understand that nothing ever created is perfect, and that action + momentum > perfection.

🏸 the ball is in your court now!

Reach out to us at the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We move fast. 🏎️
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